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JLA battle royale

ok, here goes

Strengths - super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability, freeze breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, super senses
Weaknesses- magic, kryptonite

Strengths - genius, know almost all forms of martial arts, high tech gadgets for just about anything, plans how to kill someone before they meet
Weakness - no powers

Wonder Woman
Strengths - super stregth, flight, military know how, high reflexes, magic lasso
Weakness - ??????????

Flash (Wall West)
Strenghts - can reach speeds close to that of the speed of light and still be able to react naturally at those speeds. can manipulate the speed force
weakness - ???????????

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Strengths - can create anything with his ring, flight, military know how
Weaknesses - as of now, none

Martian Manhunter
Strengths - super strentgh, flight, telekensis, some kind of heat vision
Weaknesse - fire

Stengths - can stretch into any shape or form
Weakness - ???????????????

Strengths - super streghts, can breath under water, can maniplate sea life
Weakness - on land all he tends to do is throw rocks

The Atom
Strengths - can shrink, scientific genius
Weakness - ????????

Green Arrow
Strengths - best archer ever
weakness - only human

Captain Marvel
Stregths - super strength, super speed, super wisdom
weakness - turns into a little kid

in canse there is a need for pics
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Sorry this is so long, honestly I think at least half the list could have been left off. They are good characters and each supply the JLA with unique gifts but in a free for all like this they would be outclassed.

First to go down would be Green arrow and The Atom. GA because he is only human and yet has arrows that could cause any of the others major problems so he is an obvious early focus for a number of the others. The Atom could hide but he hasn't the strength or resources to do any real damage to Superman, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, and probably not Green Lantern, Wonder Woman or Plasticman either. He's either out or hiding for the rest of the fight.

Aguaman has a major weakness in that he is more dependent on water than most of the others. You have several characters who can generate heat through base powers, gadgets, or friction. He's weakened then he's out. Similarly I am going to say that old Martian Manhunter would last a while but in the end Heat vision would be his downfall.

Against any one of these guys ol'Batman would have a chance just through cunning, luck, and preparation (he's prepared for just about anything) but I think a number of them know him too well to underestimate him and would take him out early. He's good but he'd be pulling out all the stops and staggering home from fighting one of them, there are just too many for him to take.

Plasticman is resilient as a rubber ball but with the power of some of these opponents he would eventually be stretched to his limit or bounced around so hard that he would need a few months off the gingold (or was it elongated man that used to use the stuff?) to recover.

I am no expert on the Flash's newer tactics but I do know that while he is faster than spit he's still only human level strength. Therefore he would have to use vibration tricks and other fancy maneuvers to hurt hid enemies. I suspect that while he was staying close enough to vibrate one of the real tough guys (Superman, Captain Marvel, GL,) they would snap him like a twig. Or at least knock him across the street into snoozeville.

That leaves the Big 4. Wonder Woman has the Warrior instinct and tactical advantage, Supes has the widest variety of powers as well as incredibly high potential. Captain Marvel has Superman level power but with fewer 'trick' powers, true Wisdom might be just as handy as super breath and flashy hot eyes though. Green Lantern has the ability to maintain some pretty incredible protective fields while he dishes out the damage.

I am somewhat unfamiliar with Captain Marvel's limitations. Since his powers are based on magic and he has the Stamina of someone or other (I remmber Stamina is one of his things from reading some of his stuff back when dinasaurs roamed the earth) I assume he would not tire the way most mortals would. Superman and Wonder Woman, however, are more 'human' in that way and a fight with people of this power level would wear them out after a while. Green Lantern would tire but only mentally, so I feel he would last longer than Superman or Diana. Also, I think GL could defend against the lasso through creative use of his force fields (now that they work against yellow things).

So a tired GL versus Captain Marvel. I don't know enough about GL's new powers or Captain Marvel's style or abilities to know who would win in the end.

Black Canary would probably saunter by in that skintight black number with the fishnet stockings and while the two men were ogling she's smack 'em both down with a canary cry.
to be fair, I think the Atom would be able to last longer in this bout. He could shrink, and while supes might be able to locate him (without distractions of course) in time, he could still hide for a ridiculous amount of time, and then step all over some incredibly sensitive part of someone's brain. He's not that incapable.
also, i believe in one of the superman series, even the superman robots were able to punch through hal jordan's force fields. They were just that strong.
If you read the what if graphic novel Tower of bable. Your theroies are good but it would put a new light on a lot of things.
I have to say Batman if he had time to prepare would win. An all of a suden fight yea no chance but giv him an hour and he is read.
this is my theory:
immeadiately, as the match starts, the atom shrinks
noticing this incredibly fast shrink, wonder woman quickly runs over and stomps on his ass, killing him
green arrow, wanting to be the only human with no powers in the bunch shoots batman with an exploding arrow, but batman quickly counters with his anti exploding arrow device and kills GA
superman gets owned by MM untill he realizes that MM is weak against fire and kills him
capatin marvel tries to catch the flash with a well place SHAZAM lightning
bolt, when all of a sudden we see billy batson gets punched in the face by a green punching glove. the blow kills billy aka capt. marvel
GL then catched the flash in a speed trap and fires him onto plasticman,
plasticman absorbs the blow and the flash incidentally takes out batman and himself
superman then stragnles ww to death, but not before bitch slapping her Jim Lee style
GL and Supes then duke it out,
GL eventually bestes Supes
Gl lets his guard down when all of a sudden, he is crush by a giant army of whales
Aquaman wins

You forget Zatanna. She would just say "Sniw anntaz", and that's that. :p