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My first one in a while...

Darth Sidious has sensed a disturbance in the force. Beings of great power have sent shockwaves through the galaxy. Fearing the emergence of a new power to rival his own he sends his most trusted apprentice to investigate and eliminate this new threat to his ambition. Darth Maul pilots his Sith Interceptor to a small planet known only as Earth. Inhabited by pre-hyperdrive and isolated humans he feels confidant in his abilities. He seeks out his quarry through the force, moving silently towards a distant mansion where he feels a great convergence of power. He easily enters the mansion and discovers the hidden complex buried beneath it, but something isn't right. Where is everyone? It is only at the last second he detects danger and throws himself to the ground, narrowly avoiding the claws that were aimed for his head. He squares off against his opponent and ignites his double bladed lightsaber.

"Charles was right as always. He cleared out the students so it'd just be you and me bub. I don't want any distractions for this."

With nothing left to say between the two predators Wolverine roars into battle.

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We all know the stats of these two so I won't go over everything again.

Maul is a Sith Apprentice and an Iridonian Zabrak. His species is known for it's vestigial horns, their distinctive and personalised facial tattoos and their unbreakable survival instinct forged on their hellish homeworld. Maul is trained in the use of the force and skilled enough to kill a Jedi Master in one on one combat. He can see blows before they land and move with inhuman speed and grace by using the force to augment his abilities. He's also demonstrated the Force Push ability so it's safe to assume he has limited telekinesis, although this splits his concentration. He is armed with a double bladed staff style lightsaber which emits a focused beam of energy that can cut through all but the most dense of materials.

Logan is a mutant with accelerated healing powers and three retractable bone claws on each hand. Through experimentation and surgery carried out by the Weapon X project all of his bone structure is laced with adamantium. Including his claws. He also has enhanced sight, smell and hearing. Logan's reflexes are nearly inhuman and he is trained in almost every fighting style known to man. He has been a Special Forces Soldier, a CIA Operative, and even a Samurai.

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