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Supernatural Tag Team!!!


In the charred remains of a mator city the hero the hero Hellboy steps through a interdimensional portal to see what chaos has befallen this world. Laughter comes from a figure sitting atop a ruined tank as the bringer of Mega Death Evil Ernie steps down to confront the hero. Behind Ernie comes his other wordly co-hort recently brought to this dimension, the sadistic demon Etrigan. Hellboy looks at the duo and calmly says "You were right there's two of them. Come on through." At once a great roar is heard as a flaming motorcyle comes flying through the portal with the demonic Ghost Rider at the wheel.

The four combatants look at each other and prepare to throw down.

Evil Ernie & Etrigan VS Hellboy & Ghost Rider!!!


Evil Ernie-The Master of Mega Death this warped psycho is immensely strong resilient, and can control the dead. Easily alone he can wreck an entire city. Very few things can hurt him and his willingness to sink to any level in a fight makes him a vicious and mindless killing machine at times.

Etrigan-In this form he is free of Jason Blood and is back to his old evil self. Etrigan can breath fire and possesses super human strength and endurance. He also possesses limited mystical abilities. Cruel and unmerciful Etrigan will fight to the death to get what he wants. He has at times both ruled and been exiled from hell itself. Unfettered by the morale compass of Jason Blood he is an unstopable force of evil.

Hellboy-The greatest agent of the B.P.R.D, Hellboy is a walking talking force of supernatural justice. Carrying his trusty side arm and coat the son of a greater demon commands immense superhuman strengh and resilience. His "Hand of Doom" is completely indestructable by any source what so ever. Clever, resourceful, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done there isn't a supernatural threat in existence he hasn't beaten to a pulp at one point or another.

Ghost Rider-Whenever innocents suffer Danny Ketch transforms into the spirit of vengeance Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider controls super human strength and endurance. He also regenerates at an accelerated rate. He's comprised of pure hellfire and rides atop his flaming motorcycle. Ghost Rider wields a supernatural biker chain which can be used to fire small links as projectiles. A seasoned brawler Ghost Rider fights to win in every battle.

This is a No Holds Barred Fight to the Finish.

Personally I think Hellboy and Ghost Rider will beat the hell out of those two goons but I'd love to hear your predictions.


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